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“Fandoghi and Big Job”

Kanoon has Published “Fandoghi and Big Job” written by Mohammad Reza Yousefi

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mohammad Ali Adili has illustrated the book in 16 colorful pages. 2500 copies of the book are published.

 “Fandoghi and Big Job” is suitable for seven-year old children and above. It is about the value of sympathy and doing good deeds for others.

It is the story of a little boy called “Fandoghi” who wishes to do great deeds.

In part of the book, it reads: “Fandoghi went and went till he reached an apple tree. There were no apples on the tree. He put down the bundle of his clothes and asked himself, “What should I do now? I must find a way.” He thought and thought when he finally dug a narrow ditch. He directed the water towards the apple tree. The tree got happy and said, “Thank you. What a good job! Be my gardener.” Fandoghi took his bundle and said, “I can’t be your gardener. I must leave since I wanna do a great job.  A very big one.” He said this and set out.

 “Fandoghi and Big Job” was published in 1993 but the illustrations has changed that is why it is written in the certificate of the book as the first edition.

This book is published in octavo format simultaneously with the first edition, the second edition if published with 5000 copies.

“Fandoghi and Big Job” is in Kanoon stores and Book City for the price of 9000 Tomans.


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