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23 Kanoon New Books are Ready to be Published.

23 Kanoon New Books are Ready to be Published.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, in the year called “Production Mutation” and under the crisis of Corona Virus in Iran, authors in the field of children and adolescents are writing for them with double motivation.

At present, simultaneous with the National Day of Children and Adolescent Literature, the tree of the thoughts and writings of Iranian authors in the turbulence and difficult days of Corona, has flourished. We are witnessing the preparation of 23 books with various themes and outlooks and with a hopeful view towards a bright future at Kanoon Publications.

These books, with various themes and in the form of poetry, story, handicraft and scientific are ready to be published  and written by well-known authors such as Mostafa Rahmandoost, Zohreh Parirokh, Farhad Hassanzadeh, Tahereh Abid, the late Sousan Taghdis, Mohammad Reza Shams, Mohammad Reza Marzoughi, Minou Karimzadeh, Sorour Katbi, Maryam Hashempour, Ali Khakbazan, Majid Amigh…

The collection of “Hey! Take Care of Us” is about animals getting extinct in Iran. It is in the form of stories with titles such as “The Last Blond Crow in the Large Meadow”, “Believe me, I am a Turtle”, “Hurry Up, Come on”, “The Little Big Ear”, “Call me Samandar”, “Fear, Fear, Fear”, “Who had Stuck the Letter to the Window”, “Who, Where, and”, “The Yellow Deer”. Different illustrators have done the illustration; they are for age category above nine.

A scientific collection titled “Science of Stone Age” are among other books ready to be published.

The second volume of “Encyclopedia of Environment” written by Henrick Majnounian, Bahram Hassanzadeh Kiabi and Shoukouh Hajinasrollah is ready. It is for above 15.

It should be mentioned that these books are for “Toddler”, +4 “New Grade-schooler”, +9 “Intermediate Grade-schooler”, +12 “Grade-schooler”, +15 “Teen”.”


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