Change in Kanoon Books Age Category

Audience age grouping of Kanoon books has gone through changes after many years. A new division has been introduced for the production of books.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this change has taken place in the method of age grouping of Kanoon products based on world experience and domestic conditions.

In the new grouping, there are age categories such as  +0, “Infant”, +2 “Toddler”, +4 “Pre-School”, +7 “New Grade-schooler”, +9 “Intermediate Grade-schooler”, +12 “Grade-schooler”, +15 “Teen” and “ Educational Trainers, Educators, and Researchers".

In the new structure, the minimum age required for reading is written on the back of the books, and there is no limit for age categories, but the beginning.

According to previous grouping, “A” group included pre-school children but most of the books published belonged to the age category of 4 to 7. There were rare books suitable for age category of 0 to 4. Now, this grouping is divided into three groups of “Infant”, “Toddler” and “Pre-school”.

In the past the age categories were: “B” (above 7), “C” (above 9), “D” (above 11), “E” (above 14) and “Children and Adolescents Educational Trainers”.

Kanoon “High Council of Books” approved of the change.

There is a chart on the back of the cover of Kanoon new books; every square belongs to one of the age category in the chart. The age group of the book is determined in green. 

In the new grouping, the time for publishing books has been marked with a special design on the cover of the new books.

For several decades, age grouping was written on Kanoon books to help the audience to select the proper books. During the past years, many experts in the field of children and adolescents education and literature have been putting emphasis on  the need of presenting a new age grouping for Kanoon books due to the change in the educational system, at the same time generational changes and knowledge of the audience.


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