“Paint a Human Being” is a Philosophical Narration

“Paint a Human Being” is Fariba Kalhor’s latest book that expresses a philosophical concept for children.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the book is the story of Uncle painter and a little girl called Saba whose conversation forms the main body of the story. Uncle painter is supposed to paint a human being for Saba but instead he draws a mouse. From this spot in the story, Saba’s challenge starts with the definition of human being and its nature and identity.

The protagonist of the story asks for a change in the painting but uncle painter draws a mouse again, the mice that act and live like human beings but at the end, in Saba's eyes, they cannot look like human beings. Then, uncle painter and Saba talk about such characteristics.

In part of the book we read: Uncle Painter drew another mouse. A mouse that had a big fridge in his nest with an open door. Uncle Painter said, “Look, this mouse eats other things, too. See, he has sausages, watermelon, and coke in his fridge.” Saba said, “Still, it is a mouse and different from human beings. Draw a human being for me.”

These discussions and dialogs lead the audience towards concepts about themselves, but the author acts smartly. She has devised a different ending for the story. The audience above 11 face a new challenge and with closing the book, they go to search for the answers to their questions.

Mitra Abdollahi has illustrated the book. The book in 28 pages and with a price of 12500 Tomans is published in 2500 copies and sent to the market.

You can purchase the book at Kanoon stores and Book City.


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