Four Books on Sacred Defense Became the Source of Educational Assistance for the Iranian Language Center

Four books from Surah Mehr Publications on the subject of sacred defense were selected as resources for teaching aid of the Iranian Language Center and published in English.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mostafa Moemni, the head of Iran Language Center said, “City of Blood” is General Ali Sayad Shirazi’s memories compiled by Ahmad Dehghan, “Hand in Hand with Rain” that includes two reports by Hedayatollah Behboudi and Morteza Sarhangi, “Viva Kumayl” written by Mohsen Motlagh, and "You Know the Commander?”  from series of “Stories of Commanders” written by Marjan Fouladvand are supporting material translated at Iran Language Center.

Iran Language Center head mentioned that the four books are the ones about which the Supreme leader has written treatises.

He added that These books will be available to language learners and enthusiasts in all educational centers and stores of the Iranian Language Center throughout the country.

These books are in the form of a project called “Translation of Pride” that includes 12 volumes. It soon will be revealed virtually.

It should be mentioned that Farsi versions of “City of Blood”, “Hand in Hand with Rain”, “Viva Kumayl”, and "You Know the Commander?” are published by Sureh Mehr Publication.

Morteza Farhangi, Ahmad Dehghan, Hedayatollah Behboudi and Mohsen Motlagh works are in “Translation of Pride”

 “Viva Kumayl” is Mohsen Motlagh’s first book. It is about Motlagh’s memories from the first years of the war between Iran and Iraq written in a simple language, sometimes in a sarcastic way.

Two reports in “Hand in Hand with Rain” written by Hedayatollah Behboudi and Morteza Sarhangi are among the most influencing reports about the eight-year old imposed war. It pictures cities of Khuzestan province after the end of the war.

 “City of Blood” the result of Saeed Fakhrzadeh interview with Martyr General Ali Sayyad Shirazi edited by Ahmad Dehghan. The book is Sayyad Shirazi’s memories about the days towards freeing Khoramshahr.

 “You Know the Commander?” it is a book from the series of “Stories of Commanders”. It tells some stories about various stages of Martyr Hossein Kharrazi, commander of Esfahan Emam Hossein Troup during Iran/Iraq war. It narrates for adolescents.


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